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AInk blockage[2017-01-10]
Causes&Solution: A. Gradual ink starvation occurs possibly due to dirty ink tube or aging print head. Clean ink tube system and print head. If the problem continues, replace with new ones. B. If ink starvation ..
AInk starvation[2017-01-10]
Causes & Solution: A. No ink in print heads (cartridge). Pump or refill ink. B. Data cable for print head is poorly connected. Reconnect it. C. Damages within the print head. Replace with new one.
AThe cartridge stops several seconds at two ends during printing[2017-01-10]
Causes: A. Data processing speed is lower than transmission and printing speed. B. Transmission speed is lower than printing speed when printing large images. Solution: a. Replace with a computer with higher ..
AInk dripping and ditching[2017-01-10]
Causes & Solution: A. Negative pressure too low. Increase it. B. Print head is not clean enough. Wash it. C. Ink tube or cartridge broken. Replace with new ones. D. Too much ink left in the bottom plate ..
AObvious ink starvation occurs[2017-01-10]
Causes & Solution: Do one or more of the following: a. Flush clean the tube. b. Clean the ink cartridge. c. Wash ink supply system or replace ink for ink problems. d. Install air conditioner and/or hu..
AOverprint dark banding[2017-01-10]
Causes: A. Some print head is angled, so heads are not properly aligned. B. Feeder is too tight, causing poor feeding and high resistance to Y-axis stepping motor. C. Stepping is not configured accurately by th..
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