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design textile provides professional after-sale service, including full range of products consulting and technical advice,service,etc.

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After-sales Service
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After-sales Service

Working Hours:9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Service Hotline: 0331-2689973, 0300-7025305

Service Questions & Answers

Q: What kind of warranty does design digital company printers provide?

A: Except the consumables, the whole machine has one year limited warranty and the circuit board has one year warranty.

Q: How can we get service support?

A: design company is doing its best to provide timely and convenient service support for the customers, including: pre-sale technical consultation, onsite installation and operation training, technical support on applications and troubleshooting. You can also gain service support from our distributors in your region.

Q: What are the requirements for installation site?

A: design digital company provides equipment installation guide for every customer. Please refer to the guide for details. Some general requirements are as follows:

1. Temperature: 25? - 30?; Air humidity: 60?~80?RH.

2. The ink must be stored in a 24hr air conditioned room, with temperature 20-25? and humidity 40?~80?RH.

3. Clean air without dust.

4. The input power should be no less than 35A/220V, the suggested minimum wire diameter for power line is 6 mm , the grounding voltage should be no more than 3V.

Q: After buying design digital company equipment, will there be technicians in charge of onsite installation?

A: Yes, unless otherwise specified in the contract. If the equipment is directly sold by design, experienced engineers from design will assist in installation and testing when the machine arrives. If the device is sold by design distributors, experienced engineers from the distributor who have been authorized by design will be onsite to assist in installation and testing when the machine arrives.

Q: After purchasing design machine, what kind of training could design provide?

A: design will provide free training for about 7 days. The training can take place in design headquarter, or at customer�s installation site. This can be predetermined by clients in the contract.

Q: What kind of daily maintenances required when using design printer?

A: In comparison with many other printers, one big advantage of design printer is that it is easy to operate and maintain. Firstly, the operator needs to clean the cartridge bottom plate by tidy cloth every day, when the printing starts, and after continuous work for more than 8 hours. This is to prevent the ink blockage in the print heads and it only take a few minutes. Secondly, The cloth needs to be cleaned or replaced at least once a day.